109th Session of the International Labour Conference (2021)

Governments registration form for membership in Working Parties

Each Government should fill out only one form, which covers all the working parties for which it seeks membership.

Form or template | 04 October 2021


Please select from the list below the working party(ies) of which your government wants to be a member.

For each working party, please check the appropriate box depending on whether your government registers as a regular member or as a deputy member, and indicate the names of up to four persons accredited in your national delegation who may represent your government in each working party (see paragraph 17 of the Special arrangements and rules of procedure for the 109th virtual Session of the Conference). The email used to invite those persons to the meetings of the working party in question will be the email provided in the credentials.

The difference between regular and deputy members is that the latter cannot take part in a vote, unless a government regular member has requested the deputy to replace it. In this case, notice must be given in writing to the Secretariat of the committee (article 56.5 of the Standing Orders). Deputy members have all other rights (e.g. they may take the floor, move resolutions, amendments etc.). 

As working parties meet simultaneously, governments may have difficulty in being represented permanently on all the working parties of which they are members. Governments are therefore requested to apply for regular membership only of those working parties for which they undertake to be represented throughout the committee’s work.

There are three committees which do not appear on this form: the Finance Committee of Government Representatives, since in accordance with article 7bis of the Standing Orders of the Conference each member of the ILO is automatically represented on this Committee, and the two committees of limited membership whose composition is decided by the Conference at its opening sitting: the Selection Committee (article 4) and the Credentials Committee (article 5).

General Discussion Working Party: Inequalities and the world of work

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General Discussion Working Party: Skills and lifelong learning

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Please note that for the INITIAL REGISTRATION OF A GOVERNMENT IN A WORKING PARTY to become effective credentials in respect of the persons appointed to the committee, including a valid individual e-mail address, must have been received by 17:00 (CEST time) the day before the first scheduled sitting of the Working Party.

SUBSEQUENT CHANGES IN WORKING PARTY MEMBERSHIP can be communicated by submitting a new online registration form or by e-mail to reloff-conf@ilo.org. Such changes will become effective the day after the request is made, provided it is received before 17:00 (Geneva time).


Contact information

In order to submit this form, you need to provide your full name and function within the Government you represent as well as an email address where the Office can contact you for any clarification and where you will receive confirmation of your registration.