NOTE D’INFORMATION TECHNIQUE, "L’égalité hommes-femmes dans le dialogue social tripartite en Europe et en Asie Centrale"

This technical brief presents unique data on the participation of men and women in tripartite social dialogue in 50 countries in Europe and Central Asia (ECA region). Despite tangible progress, women remain under-represented in national social dialogue institutions in the ECA region (18 per cent of participants). The target set by the United Nations of at least 30 per cent of women at decision-making level is achieved only in 15 per cent of social dialogue bodies. In 18 per cent of countries women are not represented at all. The best results are in Western Europe (17 per cent), followed by Eastern Europe and Central Asia (14 per cent), and Central and South Eastern Europe (8 per cent). More encouraging figures come from the analysis of the gender composition of tripartite delegations in the International Labour Conference. In 2012, the best result among regions was that of the European delegations (36 per cent), while the whole Conference registered 27 per cent women participants. The European Regional Conference in Oslo in 2013 gathered delegates from 42 countries out of whom 41 per cent were women. The brief concludes with some policy advice for further promoting gender equality in social dialogue institutions at national, regional and international level.