Multi-Employer Collective Bargaining Agreement among wood-processing enterprises in Binh Duong

The publication gives introduction of the Multi-Employer Collective Bargaining Agreement signed among wood-processing enterprises in Binh Duong, and the ILO’s Standards and Significance of Collective Bargaining.

Wood processing industry in Binh Duong is encountering a massive physical flux of workers moving from the current locations to other provinces in the South West of Vietnam, due to the formation of new IZs in those areas. This is the major reason leading to imbalance of workforce in enterprises. Promoting dialogue and collective bargaining is pivotal to ensure the harmonious, stable and advanced labour relations, for mutual cooperation and sustainable development of enterprises and for the rights and interests of workers. With this purpose, the pilot of multi-employer social dialogue (SESD) in wood-processing enterprises in Tan Uyen district of Binh Duong commenced in 2018.

On June 20, 2019, the Binh Duong Furniture Association (BIFA) cohosting with Binh Duong Federation of Labour (FoL) organized the Roundtable on Labour Relations and Signing Ceremony of multi-employer collective bargaining agreement (MECBA) among 16 wood-processing enterprises in Binh Duong.