Policy brief

Assessing the potential for multi-tiered child benefits in Viet Nam

The policy brief summarizes the potential for a multi-tiered child benefit to help the Government meet both objectives on social insurance and social assistance simultaneously.

Briefing note | 20 May 2019
Incorporating the informal workforce into the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) scheme is a high priority for the Government of Vietnam. However, to date, the Government has struggled to devise incentives that encourage voluntary participation among informally employed people. Only around 250,000 workers were voluntarily insured with the VSS in 2015, leaving some 50 million working-age people outside the formal social insurance system. At the same time, in response to widespread low incomes and insecurity among families with children and high levels of undernutrition, there is a growing recognition of the importance of ensuring that every child can access social protection, and indeed children’s “right to social security” is defined in the Law on Children.