Brochure on Multi-Employer Collective Bargaining Agreement in Da Nang

The Multi-Employer Collective Bargaining Agreement of Tourism Sector (the MECBA) in Da Nang was negotiated and concluded initially in January 2016, with the participation of 4 enterprises and 750 workers.

Since 2017, the MECBA has been negotiating and expanding gradually. On 22 December 2018, the Pilot group of Da Nang Federation of Labour (FOL) together with Da Nang Tourism Association completed negotiation process and signed the MECBA. The scope of application for this MECBA has expanded up to 10 enterprises with 2,400 employees (46% of the employees are female). This MECBA marked a new development in the process of promoting collective bargaining under NIRF/Japan project between ILO and VGCL. Currently the MECBA has been continuing to negotiate and extend to other tourism enterprises in Da Nang.