Supplementation to the Occupational Safety and Health project in Hazardous Work in Viet Nam

This supplementation project aims to build on the outcomes of the previous phase, promote effective consultation and provide the Government with improved recommendations on policies and regulations on occupational safety and health under the Law on Occupational Safety and Health.

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA)

Target beneficiaries:
Direct beneficiaries of the project include MoLISA’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) officials and other relevant ministries and organizations (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour, Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Viet Nam Cooperative Alliance and Farmers’ Union).
Ultimate beneficiaries of the project are employers and workers in formal and informal sectors and in rural workplaces.

Regional focus:  Central Government.

Development objective

To promote occupational safety and health in Viet Nam through the effective implementation of policy framework in hazardous industries and encouraging vulnerable people to ensure sustainable occupational safety and health practices.

Immediate objectives

  • Promote consultation and cooperation among the social partners and relevant authorities in order to improve OSH policies and regulations;
  • Provide support to the implementation of the ILO Convention No 187 on Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention in Viet Nam, and preparation for the effective implementation of the OSH Law;
  • Promote a target to the absolute ban of asbestos use in Viet Nam in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.

Main activities

  • Organize tripartite technical committee meetings and consultation workshops to discuss, draft one or two regulations under the OSH Law;
  • Draft a report on improving the tripartite consultation and cooperation;
  • Assist MoLISA to develop the Third National OSH Profile and the OSH Programme (2016-2020);
  • Organize meetings and consultation workshops with partners to identify issues of the OSH Law, challenges and advantages of the Law;
  • Assist the Ministry of Health and MoLISA to develop the National Action Plan on elimination of asbestos-related diseases; and
  • Raise awareness on asbestos-related hazards through consultation workshops, trainings and the media.

Main outputs

  • One or two regulations under the OSH Law developed by the tripartite technical committee;
  • Capacity of the tripartite technical committee strengthened with the technical assistance from the ILO’s and Japan’s experts;
  • A recommendation report developed to improve the tripartite consultation and cooperation;
  • Recommendations made to support the development of the third National OSH Profile and OSH Programme in period of 2016-2020;
  • A proposal supporting the effective implementation of the OSH Law in Viet Nam developed; and
  • The policy to ban asbestos promoted.

For further information please contact:

Mr Nguyen Hoang Ha
Programme Officer
ILO Country Office for Viet Nam
Tel.: +84 4 37340902 Ext. 202
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