Promoting the Employability and Employment of People with Disabilities through Effective Legislation (PEPDEL); and Promoting Decent Work for People with Disabilities through a Disability Inclusion Support Service (INCLUDE)

Works to create greater opportunities for women and men, including people with disabilities, to secure decent work and income.

Partners: Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs; Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and the Association of Disabled Persons of Hanoi.

PEPDEL outcomes

  • Constituents have enhanced capacity to draft and implement disability legislation in line with international standards;
  • Employers’ organizations support the pilot testing and promotion of innovative forms of employment of disabled persons in member companies;
  • Workers’ organizations develop plans of action to promote equality of opportunity and job retention for workers and job seekers with disabilities;
  • National Vocational Training Centres strengthen the employability of persons with disabilities through their inclusion in mainstream courses, and improved labour market relevance of courses in centres for disabled persons;
  • Disability advocates have stronger capacity to effectively advocate for attention to disability issues in training and employment; and
  • National training institutions have enhanced capacity to provide training in disability equality legislation to national stakeholders.

INCLUDE outcomes

  • Disability Inclusion Support Service established and operational;
  • Good Practice in Disability Inclusion documented;
  • Practical guides and tools for disability inclusion prepared;
  • Existing ILO tools and guides in Enterprise Development, Skills Development, and Employment Promotion reflect disability perspective;
  • Guide to promoting access of entrepreneurs with disabilities to microfinance completed;
  • Disability Equality Training course conducted;
  • Capacity of implementing agencies strengthened; and
  • Disability Inclusion Support Strategy and Service documented and publicized.

For further information please contact:

Ms Pham Thi Cam Ly
National Project Coodinator
Tel: +84 4 37341532