Workshop on data gaps in international labour migration statistics in Viet Nam

On 23 March 2022 the General Statistics Office (GSO) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UN Women organized a workshop on data gaps in international labour migration statistics in Hanoi.

The workshop was chaired by GSO Deputy Director General Nguyen Trung Tien.

Among the participants were Nguyen Hoang Ha, ILO Viet Nam Programme Officer, Pham Thi Lan, National Project Coordinator of Safe and Fair project, and representatives from ministries, central and local agencies, GSO units, provincial statistical offices, and media agencies.

Women migrant workers make a positive contribution to the socio-economic development in both Viet Nam and the countries where they work. But they are facing more challenges and barriers than men, including various forms of discrimination and violence.

The Safe and Fair programme, a joint ILO-UNWOMEN programme, aims to strengthen the collection, management and reporting of sex-disaggregated labour migration data, and in doing so, making women and gender more visible in labour migration statistics. Strengthening the database will support policy making and timely intervention design, enabling migrants, especially women, to enjoy the benefits of their work and reducing the risk of possible violence and exploitation.