Training course on implementing Kaizen at enterprises

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Kaizen is a Japanese term that means "continuous improvement". In many enterprises around the world and in Vietnam, Kaizen has brought about positive changes in productivity, product and service quality and reduced operating costs.

From experiences in enterprise training and consultancy since 2011, the SCORE programme has developed this online training course to assist enterprises in the successful implementation application of Kaizen.

Course introduction

Kaizen, or continuous improvement is one of the most important foundations of every success story of enterprises in the SCORE programme. Let’s watch the story of Lam Viet Company and see how Kaizen became the most important drivers of their growth and improvements in working conditions.

Understanding Kaizen and its application at enterprises

The video introduces basic information about Kaizen including what Kaizen is, why it should be applied, where Kaizen can be applied, for which departments or jobs.

Experience in applying Kaizen at Minh Duong Company

Minh Duong is one of the enterprises with the strongest improvement in the SCORE Training. Let's watch Minh Duong Company sharing some of their experiences.

Directions for applying Kaizen at enterprises

The video provides some suggestions on how to implement Kaizen in the enterprise, including improving processes, work or production operations.

Experience in applying Kaizen at Bao Bao Company

When participating in SCORE Training, Bao Bao Company achieved impressive improvement results. Bao Bao’s improvements not only increased the company’s productivity, but also made the working conditions of workers safer and more comfortable. Let's take a look at the improvements at Bao Bao Company.

Experience in applying Kaizen at Polytech Company

For workers, it is very important to start Kaizen from small and simple improvements. Let's learn from the experiences of Polytech Company.

The foundation for successful Kaizen application

The successes of enterprises in the SCORE programme have two important foundations. They are workers’ awareness and understanding of Kaizen and the commitment of top managers to build a culture of continuous improvement.

Engaging employees in Kaizen implementation

This video suggests ways to engage all employees in the enterprise in the Kaizen implementation process.

Basic principles to apply Kaizen in enterprises

The video discusses basic principles when building and applying Kaizen at an enterprise.

The process of implementing Kaizen in enterprises

The process of implementing Kaizen at enterprises consists of 8 steps according to the PDCA cycle including planning, doing, checking and acting.

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