Replication and roll out of SCREAM for child labour prevention activities

SCREAM (Supporting Children's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media) is an educational programme designed to raise awareness among young people about children’s rights, with a focus on child labour. After revising and adapting the SCREAM package to a Vietnamese context, the ENHANCE project has been supporting SCREAM training for officials from DOLISA and DOET at 3 project sites. Due to the success of these events, plans to replicate and conduct SCREAM activities in schools and communities across the country have been integrated into upcoming implementation agreements with the Department of Child Affairs (DCA).

The ENHANCE project will support the DCA to replicate SCREAM TOT to expand the pool of SCREAM trainers at national level for officers from DOLISA, DOET, Youth Union and Centers of Social Works from 63 provinces. As such, it is expected that SCREAM events will continue to be replicated across the country after the project ends.