ENHANCE Project Endline Survey

As the ENHANCE project nears its end, an endline survey will be undertaken to assess the overall contribution of the project to the prevention and elimination of child labour in Vietnam.

Data collected for the endline survey will be compared with baseline data and used to evaluate changes from the beginning to the end of the project. Data will highlight:

• The prevalence of child labour and hazardous child labour;
• Values of key indicators and beneficiary population characteristics: working and educational status of direct beneficiaries and characteristics of families with children engaged in, or at high risk of, child labour;
• Context specific information to assess the project’s results.

The results of the endline survey, will be subject to comparative analysis with the baseline survey to help the ILO ENHANCE project to improve its understanding of the circumstances of direct beneficiaries at the end of the project. The data will be provided to an external evaluator to aid analysis in the final project evaluation. The survey data will also support a strong, evidence based platform for the project to showcase successes and lessons learned.