Workshop on improving trade union operation models in response to better collective bargaining

The workshop will cover representatives from industrial zone trade union in the South. There will be 45 participants in total, of which there are 41 non-resident participants who are trade union officers from industrial zones (IZs) and provincial federations of labour. In this workshop, all members of the Coordinating Committee of EPZ TU’s Network have been invited in order VGCL and the Committee have a planning meeting to prepare for 2019 activities.


Overall, the activity aims at facilitating the discussion of how trade union operation can be improved to catch up with the requirement of new context to better promote more effective collective bargaining, through:
• Facilitating active participation of VGCL IZ trade union officers in discussions regarding the role of upper intermediate trade unions in collective bargaining, dispute settlement and strikes;
• Facilitating researches and discussions on effectiveness and responsibilities of actors in collective bargaining and dispute settlement and strike.
• Supporting the researches in identifying the roles of workers’ representative organization in collective bargaining in the enterprises.