Social insurance capacity building programme for the implementation of Master Plan on Social Insurance Reform in Viet Nam

This training programme aims at equipping officials with technical knowledge and practical skills, immediately applicable for their daily works during the implementation process of Master Plan on Social Insurance Reform (MPSIR).


The programme has two major objectives to improve knowledge about technical elements related to MPSIR; and build capacity to lead the implementation of MPSIR as well as the future reforms in the coming years and decades.
The specific objectives are to provide for opportunities to:
  • Understand concepts and theories of social insurance/security;
  • Understand technical issues including challenges and solutions around MPSIR;
  • Understand linkages between international labour standards and MPSIR;
  • Build capacity to develop solutions for the different challenges;
  • Build capacity to communicate the importance of social security to stakeholders;
  • Build capacity to plan an effective communication strategy of MPSIR to stakeholders.


At the end of this programme, the participants will become able to present the key concepts of social security and the technical contents of MPSIR with confidence, to identify concerns/interests of different stakeholders, and to provide the stakeholders and the public with persuasive explanations to communicate the importance of MPSIR and social security.