Workshop on Promoting effective organization and operation of Industrial/Export Processing/Economic Zone Trade Unions (IZ/EPZ/EZ)

Viet Nam's joining a number of new generation Free Trade Agreements is predicted to exert strong impacts on the development of enterprises, which creates both opportunities and challenges for trade union( (TU) activities and industrial relations, especially in IZs employing a large numbers of workers. The workshop is organized to support VGCL overall approach in this context to better prepare for the coming changes in TU activities and to better promote TU performance towards stable and harmonious industrial relations.

The objectives of the events are to:
  1. provide information for IZ TU core officers on the status of organization and operation of trade unions in IZs/EPZs in Viet Nam;
  2. provide information in the opportunities and challenges facing TU organization and operation in the context of Viet Nam integration; impacts from the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and international experience for TU in Viet Nam;
  3. facilitate TU key leaders in IZs nationwide in sharing experience in the development of activities and organization, including collective bargaining/negotiation and dialogues at the enterprises, multiple enterprises and identify support role of IZ TUs.