World Day Against Child Labour campaign

To celebrate the conduct the World day against Child labour (WDACL) 2018, ENHANCE project will cooperate with MOLISA, UNs agencies and other relevant stakeholders to conduct the WDACL campaign.

To celebrate the conduct the World day against Child labour (WDACL) 2018, ENHANCE project will cooperate with MOLISA, UNs agencies and other relevant stakeholders to conduct the WDACL campaign. This year, the World Day Against Child Labour (WDACL) with the slogan “Generation Safe & Healthy” will shine a spotlight on the global need to improve the safety and health of young workers and end child labour.

This campaign aims to accelerate actions to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 8.7 of ending all forms of child labour by 2025. Achieving these goals for the benefit of the next generation of the global workforce requires a concerted and integrated approach to eliminating child labour and promoting a culture of prevention on occupational safety health (OSH).

The event will stress the critical importance of removing children below the minimum age for work from all forms of child labour, including hazardous work and the worst forms, and ensuring they have access to quality education and attend school at least until they complete compulsory education and reach the minimum legal age for work.


The proposed campaign aims at raising awareness on Child labour (including hazardous work), especially the worst forms of child labour. Specific objectives include:
  1. Improve understanding about the drivers of child labour, especially among legislature and policy makers;
  2. Raise awareness on the hazardous work performed by children and other worst forms of child labour (i.e. sexual exploitation of children, child pornography, child trafficking and children in illicit activities), especially among legislature and policy makers;
  3. Discuss effective actions to address the full range of drivers of child labour and call for concerted and sustained efforts by multiple stakeholders, including businesses;
  4. Promote the Alliance 8.7 by mobilizing different stakeholders and formal establishment of the the National Alliance 8.7

Planned activities

1. Produce and develop communication materials

ILO will support the Communication Center of Department of Child Affairs (DCA) of MOLISA to produce the communication materials for WDACL including:
  • Develop a video clip (45 seconds and 90 seconds) and an audio clip to raise awareness on child labour including hazardous works and broadcast on national, provincial radio and television channels and social media during the week of WDACL.
  • Develop 2 television programmes about the child labour and safety and health for children and young workers. The TV programmes will be aired in HCM city and An giang provincial televisions.

2. Launching of communication competition on Child Labour

The communication completion on Child Labour will be launched in the national Forum in order to promote the interactive communication activities on child labour. An awarding ceremony of the competition will be organized few months later and awarded communication materials will be disseminated nationally.

3. National forum on WDACL

A National Forum entitled “Generation Safe and Healthy” will be organized in Hanoi on 12 June 2018. Around 120 participants are expected to attend the event to discuss on the Child Labour. Participants will include members of National Committee for Children, representatives of tripartite stakeholders, National Assembly, representatives from different ministries, members of relevant institutions and academia, UN and international organizations and the media. The event is conceived to increase the attention of the legislature and policy makers on the importance of the SDG 8.7, targeting on Child Labour and the worst forms and supporting MOLISA’s coordinating role to achieve that target.

In order to support the Government of Viet Nam achieving SDG target 8.7, DCA- MOLISA, ILO, and UNICEF will organize the National Forum on Child Labour to commemorate WDACL 2018, with support from other UN and stakeholders. This joint activity will build upon a year-long effort of MOLISA to end child labour by creating the National Alliance 8.7.

4. Provincial WDACL public events:

  • It is planned that on the 9 and the 14th June, 2 Public Events will be organized in Hanoi and in An giang with students of vocational trainings and children and young workers in 2 provinces. This event is expected to provide an interactive and effective forum for 250 -300 students and children to improve their understanding of child labour, hazardous works and OSH that will benefit for their future jobs.
  • In collaboration with Hochiminh city DOLISA, 4 district children forums will be organized in 4 ENHANCE project districts in June to discuss about issues related to Child labour.
For more information please contact Minoru Ogasawara, Chief Technical Adviser