Midterm Evaluation National Stakeholder Workshop

A national stakeholder workshop in Hanoi will be organized on 2nd February 2018 to share the preliminary findings with the ILO and national stakeholders at the end of mid term evaluation field visits.

ENHANCE is providing support through the national system to counter child labour through technical support to increase the capacity of national institutions to respond to child labour. Focused efforts are on the informal sector (garments, handicrafts and agriculture) with direct interventions in three geographical areas Hanoi, HCM city and An giang. The MOLISA is the key government partner, with engagement also with social partners and civil society.

According to the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the mid-term evaluation (MTE), the three main purposes of the evaluation are for
  1. Project improvements;
  2. Promoting accountability to the ILO, national key stakeholders and donor; and
  3. Enhancing learning within the ILO and key stakeholders. In essence the MTE will help guide the ENHANCE team in planning implementation of the second half of the project.
The Evaluators will present their preliminary findings to relevant project partners and stakeholders. The evaluators will collate comments from a range of stakeholders, who will validate preliminary findings, initial conclusions and recommendations.