Policy Consultation Workshop on the Role of Trade Unions in Promoting Fair Recruitment and Decent Work for Migrant Workers

The objective of the workshop to analyze the situation and opportunities for policy change and share best practices in improving the role of trade unions to promote fair recruitment and decent work for Vietnamese overseas migrant workers as well as to support returning migrant workers for better integration into the labor market in Viet Nam.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To promote the rights of migrant workers and the roles of Trade Unions in the protection these rights;
  • To share information among key stakeholders and the general public on the initiatives of VGCL to promote safe labour migration in Viet Nam;
  • To provide a platform for VGCL to advocate for support to ensure the mandate of the trade union in representing and protecting the rights and benefits of migrant workers, engaging in inspecting, supervising and monitoring, handling migrant workers’ grievances and labour disputes as well as in formulation of law, policies and programmes.


Approximately 85 participants from VGCL and trade union officers at local level, MTUC, MOLISA, , VAMAS, DOLISAs, MRCs, UN and other international organizations, embassies, various ministries, the National Assembly, Government Office, social partners, research institutes, VAMAS, recruitment agencies and mass media.