Forum to promote good labour practices in electronics enterprises

Dialogue on promoting labour legislation compliance in the supply chain of the electronics sector

The dialogue forum is part of the VCCI/ILO initiative to promote socially responsible labour practices in the multinational enterprises, business associations and their suppliers in Viet Nam. It also aims at facilitating policy dialogue between the private sector and MOLISA Inspectorate on issues and challenges encountered by the electronics enterprises in Viet Nam today.

The forum gathers a range of key Japanese multinational enterprises and their suppliers as well as foreign and domestic business associations (JBAV, KCCI, Viet Nam Electronics Industry Association, HCMC-Automation Association and HCMC-Association of Mechanical Electrical Enterprises). The participants discuss and exchange view on how to promote good labour practices among those enterprises working in the electronics sector and identify their roles and responsibilities to enhance labour law compliance and policy dialogues on Government issues that affect the sector, to further strengthen capacity of all actors under the VCCI/ILO initiatives.