The Tripartite plus Consultation Workshop on the Draft Amendment of the Prime Minister Decision 144/2007/NĐ-CP dated 31 August 2007 on Establishment, Management and Unitization of the Overseas Supporting Fund

This will support for the process of finalization the draft amendment of the Decision before submitting to the Prime Minister for approval on December 2016.

The technical inputs from ILO and relevant tripartite constituents plus for the draft amendment decision 144 is necessary to ensure that the proposed changes made in the Decision is relevant, practical and address recent development in the Vietnamese context, in terms of increasing protection for migrant workers, while maintaining favorable conditions for the private sectors and strengthening the accountability and responsibility of the State and social partners in labour migration governance.

The Decision 144 has been reviewed its operation by DOLAB after nine years of implementation. With the total revenue of the fund is 206.598 billion Vietnamese Dong (equivalent to 930 million US dollars), 86.366 billion VND has been spent, mostly to support migrant workers at risks (77% of expenses that equivalent to 67.11 billion VND) and recruitment agencies (29.475 billion VND). However, several issues identified as the factors that hinder the effective operation and utilization of the fund, especially the fund’s operational mechanism, contributions from recruitment agencies and migrant workers and fund’s utilization. The revisions are intended to:
  • Strengthen the autonomy of the Fund;
  • Increase the revenue by avoiding loss from recruitment agencies contribution and increase migrant workers’ contribution;
  • Expansion of the services including support for return migrant workers, pre-departure training, marketing, temporary cares and transportation for migrant workers in emergency needs overseas as well as increase the amount of supports.

Purposes of the consultation workshop:

  • To verify the current situation of implementation of the Decision, identify concerns raised by the current situation, proposed changes and the potential implications of changes from the government, recruitment agencies, migrant workers and social partners;
  • To share experiences and best practices from the other countries of origin as well as recommendations from the ILO on the management of recruitment agencies;
  • To provide recommendations for revisions/changes and identify the implication of the proposed changes/amendment in the draft amendment of the Decision 144.


Approximately 58 participants from tripartite constituents from central and local levels, social partners, local authorities, national and international experts and related stakeholders and mass media.

For further information please contact:

Ms Nguyen Thi Mai Thuy
National Project Coordinator
ILO Country Office for Viet Nam
Tel.: +84 4 37340902 Ext 306