Adult entertainment workers

Training courses on Economic Empowerment for Adult Entertainment Workers using Community-Based Enterprise Development (CBED) Curriculum

Economic empowement for entertainment workers can support them in negotiating for better and safer working conditions, improved access to health services, and support their decision in job change for the better. Two training courses on business skills using CBED approach will be organized for 50 males and females working in entertainment service sector to support their business development plan or business performance.

Economic condition is one of the key drivers of people's involvement in working in prostitution-prone entertainment service businesses, even in commercial sex. Economic empowerment through business development can support those workers' efforts to negotiate for better and safer working conditions, with improved access to health services as well as support people who want to leave commercial sex.
Around 50 males and females who are working in adult entertainment service business will participate in a pilot program on business skills capacity buliding using C-BED (Community-Based Enterprise Development) curriculum developed by the ILO. Two training courses are organized in Hanoi in August 2016.

This activity aims to archive the following objectives:

  • To support 50 entertainment workers in economic empowerment through enhanced business skills so that they can either start their small business or improve their own business performance;
  • To record lesson learnt from the pilot to support program replication by tripartite partners or development agencies at larger scale.

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