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Signing Ceremony of Multi-Employer Collective Bargaining Agreement of 04 Korean-Invested Companies

Multi-employer collective bargaining was conducted in 04 Foreign Direct Investment enterprises with Korean capital. After a tough and drastic negotiation between employers and Hai Phong Economic Zone trade union with 2 series of separate negotiation rounds and 1 joint bargaining, all 04 employers of these enterprises and trade union agreed to conclude and sign the first Multi-employer Collective Bargaining Agreement among 04 FDI non-unionized enterprises on 19 June 2016.

Among of 05 PIUs under VGCL/ILO Pilot program, Hai Phong EZTU is very active in term of using “bottom-up” approach in organising trade unions and recruiting members. In pilot 3 Hai Phong EZTU is carrying out multi-enterprises collective bargaining for 7 electronic non-unionized enterprises which is planned to be concluded by the end of 2015 to cover 1.287 workers, among which 442 are women workers.

Model of implementation for Pilot No.3 of Hai Phong PIU is very different from other PIUs where upper-level trade union, that is Hai Phong EZTU, will conduct multi-enterprises collective bargaining on behalf of workers in these 7 non-unionized companies. In these enterprises, the workers are mostly young with average aged from 18-20, who have just finished high school and lack legal knowledge. They work in non-unionized enterprises or newly unionized ones, and not in a favorable condition to present their proposals to the employers concerning working conditions, working time, break time, wages, bonuses and so on.

To proceed the ME CBA at non -unionized enterprises, Hai Phong EZ Union was planning a series of activities such as:
  • Provide legal aid and consultation for workers who do not have chances to understand about their rights as well as no opportunities to raise their voice and proposals;
  • Organize technical meetings between ME CBA task-force on how to develop ME CBA (Workers’ opinions need be analyzed, classified and arranged to be included into an enterprise-cluster CBA);
  • Worker Representatives’ Meeting for collecting opinions on the draft CBA (after having the first draft CBA, it is subject to getting workers’ opinions for the draft CBA before conducting negotiation).
To support Hai Phong EZ Union in speeding the process of bargaining ME CBA among non-unionized enterprises and promoting social dialogue at grass-root levels, ILO IR project is committed to give financial assistance to series of activities under Hai Phong EZ Trade Union Implementation Plan.

On 19 June 2018, it was marked the success of Hai Phong Pilot Implementing Unit with the Signing Ceremony of ME-CBA with many favourable contents for workers. Some of them were mentioned the first time in the CBA, for example: workers employed in 04 enterprises shall be entitled to have Summer Vacation, employers shall be responsible for allocating time and facilities for trade union officers and workers to join in trade union activities, etc.

After Da Nang's achievement, Hai Phong now is gaining a fruitful result due to their restless effort of trade union champions and activists in the concert with the consensus of the whole workforce and the good faith of employers.