IR Project

Technical Workshop on Minimum Living Needs

The objective of the workshop is to help Technical Committee of Viet Nam National Wage Council to gain technical inputs from relevant experts to further revise the studies on minimum living needs of workers and their families and produce more relevant and updated estimates for minimum wage fixing process.

In 2014, the ILO (through the IR Project) provided support for the technical committee of the National Wage Council to conduct a study to review different methods for determining the minimum living needs/living wages of worker and his/her family in Viet Nam and in other countries. The study identified principles which can be followed in estimating minimum living needs in Viet Nam and compared different estimates available. It also provided suggestions on how these estimates could be improved in future. Taking into consideration suggestions from the study, the Council’s technical committee carried out a research on improved method of determining minimum living needs of workers and their families. The study updated minimum living needs estimates based on current method used by National Wage Council and worked out another minimum living needs estimates based on a new method which uses model diets and determines housing cost separately. The study results are expected to serve as important inputs for the Council’s deliberation related to minimum wage fixing. Within this context, the Vietnam- ILO Industrial Relations Project (through technical support of ILO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific) provides support for the National Wage Council to organize one technical workshop to discuss the findings of the above mentioned minimum living needs studies with participation of the experts who directly involved in the Council’s work.