IR Project

IR Master Plan Launching Workshop in Hai Phong

With the support of the Vietnam-ILO Industrial Relations Project, the Center for Industrial Relations (CIRD) has been assisting in working with tripartite partners in Haiphong to develop the master plan for IR development in the province, which has been adopted by Haiphong City People’s Committee on 16th June 2015.


  • The adopted master plan is a comprehensive project which identifies gaps and shortcomings in different aspects of industrial relations in the province, and lays down various groups of actions to be carried out from 2014-2020 to address identified gaps and shortcomings, focusing on those strengthening representational capacity of IR actors (particularly trade union), promoting IR process effectiveness (information sharing, consultation and negotiation), improvement of IR institutions (mediation and arbitration);
  • The Vietnam-ILO Industrial Relations Project is committed to provide technical support for implementation of some selected activities spelt out in the master plan, including organizing of the workshop to launch the approved master plan, finalize the plan of actions to implement the master plan, and to discuss the work plan for carrying out some specific activities.

Objective of the workshop

Overall objectives of the workshop are:
  • To provide in-depth technical explanation of activities laid down in the adopted master plan;
  • To discuss and finalize the plan of action to implement the adopted master plan, including overall plan and plan of each party concerned;
  • To discuss detailed plans for carrying out some specific activities which the CIRD and ILO-IR Project will provide technical support for implementation.

Expected results of the workshop

  • After the workshop, participants will be able to clearly understand significance and importance of activities laid out in the master plan as well as difficulties and challenges in implementation of those activities;
  • The plan of action (of each party concerned) for carrying out the activities of the master plan will be presented, discussed and finalized so that each party (Government, trade union, and employers) be clear on what they are going to do under broader context of master plan implementation;
  • The plan for undertaking some specific selected activities that the CIRD and Project;
  • will provide support will be presented, discussed to build common understanding, consensus, and commitment to move forward.

Technical and logistic arrangement for the workshop

  • Date and venue: This is one-day workshop on 15 September 2015 in Hai phong City;
  • Tentative agenda: The workshop will have the session on explanation of activities in the master plan and session to finalize the work-plan for implementation of the master plan (Conference agenda is attached)
  • Participants: The total participants of the workshop are 58 participants who are representatives from tripartite partners in the province city, CIRD, Labour-Wages Department of MOLISA and IR Project