Workshop on Key Performance Indicators

The workshop is designed to disseminate the tentative list of KPIs recommended by the ILO for Vietnam Unemployment Insurance. The event is aiming at (i)finalizing the set of indicators suggested by the international consultant in consultation with VSS, VGCL, VCCI and selected ESCs. (ii)agreeing on working mechanizms to report on the selected KPIs.

In the efforts to set up a performance and key target indicators system, agreeable among all implementing agencies (BOE, DOLISA, ESCs, VSS and PSI) and social partners (VGCL, VCCI), BOE sought the support of the ILO to develop a tailor made set of indicators based on the ILO’s social security performance indicators and a review of international experiences. Such activity has been included in the workplan of the ILO/Japan Project “Promoting and Building Unemployment Insurance and Employment Services in ASEAN” for Viet Nam (activities 2.5.1, 2.5.2 and 2.5.3).

The process comprises three major steps: (i) drafting a set of indicators to assess the performance of the UI scheme (inspired from the ILO’s social security performance indicators and relevant international experiences) (December 2012); (ii) discussing and agreeing on the set of performance indicators during a national tripartite meeting (March-April 2013); (iii) supporting implementation of performance system (2013).

The first step has been conducted by an international consultant with the first draft of KPIs list was developed and now ready for the discussion and other actions taken by national partners in Step 2 and Step 3. This ToR is to set the requirements for the step 2 (activity 2.5.2 ) to be implemented by BoE.