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Young people can now receive career guidance at their fingertips

The ILO has launched a mobile app based on its career guidance package to help students aged 14-19 make right career choice.

News | 09 October 2020
Launching event of the mobile application "ILO-Hướng nghiệp” and career guidance package
HANOI (ILO News) – Vietnamese students and teachers can download and use career guidance mobile app for free from Apple Store now and from Google Store in the coming months.

The app named “ILO-Hướng nghiệp” has been developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the basis of the newly-revised career guidance package for Vietnamese students aged 14-19.

The mobile app, together with the career guidance package, is expected to help students discover their own interests, aptitude, and potentials, as well as understand the world of work to prepare for their career path development. These tools are best used with the support of career guidance teachers to provide the most suitable choices for individuals.

The Career Guidance Package includes four items: the Instruction Book for Teachers, the Student Book, Career Research Book and the Quick Career Research Handbook.

The activity is part of the “Applying the G20 Training Strategy in Viet Nam: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation (Phase 2)” project funded by the Russian Government.

At the launch of the mobile app and the career guidance package on 2 October, a minute was also signed by the ILO and other stakeholders under observation of the representative from the Embassy of Russian Federation to promote the dissemination of the tools in Viet Nam.