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Labour researchers to discuss labour law impacts and apparel industry’s informalization

Regular labour research meetings are expected to raise researchers’ interests in labour issues and support young researchers.

News | 21 March 2017
HANOI (ILO News) – The fourth gathering of labour researchers in Viet Nam – the first one in HCM City this year – will take place on 4 April at Ton Duc Thang University.

The workshop will hear major findings of a doctoral thesis on the impact of labour law on workers’ understanding of industrial relations and their involvement in labour conflicts with a focus on Dong Nai Province. The presentation will be made by PhD candidate Nguyen Phuong Tu of the Australian National University.

Also at the event, another doctoral candidate at the University of London, Joe Buckley, will introduce his research proposal aiming to find out whether and how there has been informalization in the garment industry in southern Viet Nam and how it is related to changing industrial relations.

Previously three meetings, two in Hanoi and one in HCM City, were organized, gathering various labour lawyers, labour economists and industrial relations experts.

This is the International Labour Organization’s initiative to provide a forum for Vietnamese labour researchers, either from sociology, history, economics or law background, to share their latest research findings while learning from peers and invited international experts.

“Research into labour issues is a new academic area for Viet Nam,” said ILO Viet Nam Director Chang-Hee Lee who admitted that the local research capacity remains weak and most of the studies on Viet Nam’s labour issues have been carried out by the international scholars.

Director of the Research Centre for Employment Relations (ERC), Do Quynh Chi, agreed. “Active and professional labour research community is indispensable in any society for evidence-based policy making, anticipating future changes and articulating the society or specific groups’ concerns for more effective policy formulation,” she said.

The labour research meetings are expected to raise researchers’ interests in labour issues, technically support young researchers, particularly PhD students and young lecturers at labour and union universities.

“At the same time, through regular meetings, researchers will be connected with the international labour research community so that the local capacity will be improved,” said the ILO Viet Nam Director.

Labour researchers’ workshops are organized twice very quarter, one in Hanoi and the other in HCM City.

For information on upcoming labour research events, please visit ERC website .