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  1. Presentation - updated version!

    GOALI: Global Online Access to Legal Information

    25 July 2019

    Overview of a new programme giving online access to legal content: what is available? who can register?  Introduction to basic and advanced search functions.

Video tutorial

  1. New

    This new tutorial explains in detail how to find academic journals and books through the GOALI content portal.

  2. Using the Research4Life portals

GOALI Basic Course

  1. Global Online Access to Legal Information

    GOALI Portal Training

    Discover how to access and navigate in the GOALI content portal and find what you need: legal journals, full text articles and much more 

  2. Global Online Access to Legal Information

    Summon Searching

    Summon is a Google-like search engine that helps you to find any content from the Research4Life portal by different search options. You can refine your search and view the results with links to full text. 

  3. Global Online Access to Legal Information

    Publishers' websites - Standard features

    Learn how to use special features on publishers' websites to find and utilize articles, keep up with current literature and aid in further research

Research4Life training materials

  1. Research4Life Training portal

  2. What is Research4Life

    Introduction, general overview: presentation

  3. Author skills

    How to read and write a scientific paper, Reference management tools, etc.

  4. Webinars