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Emerald Publishing joins Research4Life

We are pleased to announce that Emerald Publishing has joined Research4Life partnership recently. Users can now browse and access 402 Emerald journals including social science and humanities research through the Research4Life portal.

News | 30 July 2020
Research4Life spoke to Melissa Fojt, Head of Community Partnerships at Emerald to find out more.

Why did you join Research4Life?

Melissa: “We are committed to helping to lessen global societal challenges in underrepresented communities. By providing access to information, individuals and groups are able to make well-informed and educated decisions. We want to influence positive change, whether it’s the future of research assessment, open access or finding new ways to make research more accessible and discoverable.”

What does Emerald have to offer Research4Life users?

Melissa: “We have an extensive collection of high-quality journals that we can offer to Research4Life users, including social science and humanities research. We pride ourselves on our diverse interdisciplinary and thought-provoking research from authors around the world. Furthermore, we have recently invested significantly in developing our technology to make searching and using our content online more intuitive.”

“Additionally, we’ve worked alongside many of our communities and most recently librarians to create a community specifically for librarians called Emerald Engage. Emerald Engage is a place where you can develop your network, connect and debate the relevant topics in a trusted and valued environment. We also used this network to help create our insight platform.”

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