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Webinar: Searching across Research4Life programs

Research4Life will be holding a webinar on Tuesday 30 June, at 2 pm CET demonstrating a range of different search strategies to find journal articles and publications in the Research4Life platform with Summon and Google Scholar.

News | 26 June 2020
Summon is Research4Life’s Google-like search engine that provides fast results through a single search box. It searches across the online library collection available to Research4Life users, and delivers what you are looking for without the need to scroll through a long list of databases.

Google Scholar is an accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. This includes peer-reviewed online academic journals, books, conference papers and dissertations. Research4Life users can use Google Scholar and automatically get access to content that is part of our partnership.

This webinar will discuss how to:
  1. Build a search strategy using the access options on the Research4Life platform;
  2. Use Summon to search across Research4Life programs;
  3. Use Google Scholar to search for resources available via Research4Life.
After this webinar, users should be able to independently search and utilize these platforms, which will enable users to make the best use of the resources provided.