Publications on working time

  1. Publication

    Reconciling work and family responsibilities. Practical ideas from global experience

    14 June 2005

    Looks at and synthesizes the experience of governments, employers and trade unions in various countries.

  2. Publication

    Hours of work. From fixed to flexible? Report of the Committee of Experts on the application of Conventions and Recommendations (articles 19, 22 and 35 of the Constitution). Report 93 III (Part 1B)

    07 March 2005

    Reviews law and practice of ILO Member States relating to hours of work, with particular reference to the Hours of Work (Industry) Convention, 1919 (No.1) and the Hours of Work (Commerce and Offices) Convention, 1930 (No. 30).

  3. Publication

    Working time and health

    21 May 2004

  4. Publication

    Working time and workers’ preferences in industrialized Countries. Finding the balance

    09 March 2004

    This volume examines the changing nature in working time in industrialized countries. Globalization, demographics changes, increasing numbers of women in the labour market; all these changes have resulted in working time arrangements which now look vastly different from what they did several decades ago.

  5. Publication

    Social Finance Working Paper #28: Equipment finance for small contractors in public work programmes

    01 June 2002

  6. Publication

    On measuring place of work

    01 January 2002

  7. Publication

    The hours that we work: the data we need, the data we get

    01 January 2001

  8. Publication

    Work organization and ergonomics

    06 April 1998

    Discusses how to design work to fit business. Pays attention where carry out the production, and how the premises and facilities should be arranged to make the production effective and efficient.

  9. Publication

    International bid preparation (ICM 4)

    08 March 1995

    Explains the process of bidding for international construction projects and provides a guide to planning, procurement, estimating costs and preparing the final BID.

  10. Publication

    International bidding case study (ICM 2)

    08 March 1995

    Through the use of a model harbour project, provides a guide to the various stages of bidding for a major international construction project. Based on practice in the United Kingdom which is used as a frame of reference. Encourages the reader to compare alternative approaches and adapt the application of techniques to suit local regulatory, contractual and tax regimes.