Publications on working time

  1. Publication

    Working Conditions Laws 2012

    06 February 2014

    This report provides an international comparative legal information on national working conditions legislation and highlights global and regional trends in over 150 countries. The report covers national legislation in three fundamental working conditions: working hours, minimum wages, and maternity protection. The report aims to provide ILO constituents, policymakers, and researchers with comparative legal information on these issues as they consider legislation and policies that impact on workplaces and their workforce.

  2. Publication

    Living and working conditions in inland navigation in Europe

    20 December 2013

    This study explores various aspects of the inland navigation in the European region, addressing all the essential aspects in relation to the working and living conditions of the crews, including relevant laws and regulations, occupational safety and health, social security and enforcement, etc.

  3. Publication

    Work Sharing during the Great Recession: New Developments and Beyond (SUMMARY)

    18 June 2013

    This volume examines the resurgent interest in and use of work sharing as a job preservation strategy during the Great Recession of 2008–09. It also considers the crisis experience for the potential use of work sharing to generate jobs, thus contributing to the ongoing debate on its efficacy as an employment creation measure. The book offers in-depth analysis of work sharing in Europe – specifically in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands – and in the diverse contexts of Japan, Turkey, the United States and Uruguay. It synthesizes the main lessons learned from the country cases and considers their implications for the future of work sharing.

  4. INWORK Policy Brief No. 5

    The Distribution of Hours of Work in Developed and Developing Countries: What are the Main Differences and Why?

    01 May 2013

  5. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 33

    The effects of working time on productivity and firm performance: a research synthesis paper

    14 August 2012

  6. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 32

    The influence of working time arrangements on work-life integration or 'balance': a review of the international evidence

    14 August 2012

  7. Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 31

    Working time, health, and safety: A research synthesis paper

    28 May 2012

  8. Publication

    Stress Prevention at Work Checkpoints. Practical improvements for stress prevention in the workplace

    06 January 2012

    Work-related stress is one of the most important issues in many countries. The negative impacts of stress are multiform and can include circulatory and gastrointestinal diseases as well as physical, psychosomatic and psycho-social problems. These in turn can lead to poor work performance, high accident and injury rates, and low productivity.

  9. Publication

    Ergonomic Checkpoints in Agriculture

    06 January 2012

    Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors in both developing and developed countries. Increasing attention is being given to applying practical actions in rural and agricultural settings to reduce work-related accidents and diseases, improve living conditions and increase productivity...

  10. Publication

    Working time in the twenty-first century

    26 August 2011

    Prepared for the Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Working Time Arrangements held in October 2011, this report analyses recent trends and developments relating to both the duration and organization of working time.