Publications on Wages

September 2020

  1. The Business Case for Change

    Leading to Success: the business case for women in business and management in the Philippines

    18 September 2020

    The country brief demonstrates the business case for gender diversity in management and workplace gender equality in the Philippines considering the COVID-19 context.

July 2020

  1. Publication

    Gender equality in the world of work: Towards a transformative and measurable agenda for more equal societies

    27 July 2020

    This brochure provides an overview of the situation of women in the labour market and proposes a package of interventions that aim at promoting a transformative and measurable agenda for more equal societies. The brochure provides information on the ILO approach to gender equality in the world of work and its most recent work.

May 2020

  1. Factsheet

    Temporary Wage Subsidies: Country examples

    22 May 2020

    This Appendix complements the ILO Factsheet on "Temporary Wage Subsidies". It offers country examples of temporary wage subsidies implemented during the Covid-19 crisis.

  2. Factsheet

    Temporary Wage Subsidies

    22 May 2020

    This factsheet provides an overview of temporary wage subsidies implemented during the Covid-19 crisis

  3. Factsheet

    Protection of workers' wage claims in enterprise insolvency

    21 May 2020

    Wages paid for hours worked is at the core of any employment relationship between a worker and employer. However, when enterprises encounter financial or economic difficulties, worker wages can be placed in jeopardy. If these difficulties are too overwhelming, in the worst case, enterprises may go into insolvency/bankruptcy. This can lead to significant concerns about outstanding wages that were not paid to workers at the time of the enterprise insolvency/bankruptcy. This factsheet provides an international overview of approaches taken to address the protection of workers' wages claims in the event of enterprise insolvency/bankruptcy.

  4. ILO Technical brief

    Rapid Diagnostics for Assessing the Country Level Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy and Labour Market - Guidelines

    05 May 2020

    These guidelines were developed by the ILO's Employment, Labour Markets and Youth Branch (EMPLAB) to support countries, through ILO employment specialists and Country Offices, undertake rapid diagnostics to assess the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and policy responses.

January 2020

  1. Flagship Report

    World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2020

    20 January 2020

    This report provides an overview of global and regional trends in employment, unemployment, labour force participation and productivity.

December 2019

  1. Minimum wage

    The Maldives minimum wage report

    15 December 2019

    Following an official request of the Government of the Maldives, the ILO conducted a study on assessing the needs of workers and their families, and economic factor to set a minimum wage for the country.

November 2019

  1. Wages in Africa

    Recent trends in average wages, gender pay gaps and wage disparities

    03 November 2019

    This publication depicts the evolution of real average wages since the global economic crisis of 2008, offering insights into the economic context for Africa and also presenting an overview of existing wage disparities within countries, including those related to gender.

August 2019

  1. ILO Asia-Pacific Garment and Footwear Sector Research Note Issue 9

    Cambodia Garment and Footwear Sector Bulletin, Issue 9, July 2019.

    09 August 2019

    Part I of this edition of the Bulletin includes a statistical overview and analysis on the key characteristics and developments of the footwear sector, both globally and in Cambodia. Part II provides an update of key statistics and analyses trends of the garment, textile, and footwear (GTF) sector in Cambodia.