Company-Union Dialogue

Acknowledging that dialogue lies at the heart of the MNE Declaration, this procedure aims to support dialogues involving multinational enterprises and the representatives of the workers on the application of the principles of the MNE Declaration.

The ILO, as the global authority on international labour standards, is uniquely placed to support or facilitate such dialogues as part of its overall strategy to promote the uptake of the principles of the MNE Declaration.

Where a company and a union voluntarily agree to take advantage of using the facilities of the ILO to meet and talk, without prejudice, the ILO provides a neutral ground for discussion of issues of mutual concern. Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the dialogue process. Questions related to confidentiality will be agreed upon in advance by the participants.

Depending on the nature of the joint request, the dialogue facilities may be for ILO to:
  • Provide a neutral ground for parties to engage in meaningful dialogue;
  • Provide input during the company-union dialogue as a technical or expert adviser to inform the company-union dialogue;
  • Facilitate dialogue.

The company-union dialogue is based on consensus of the parties, and its content shall not be used for any binding procedure.

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