ILO's Youth Hub

The Youth Hub of the ILO is an ad hoc platform to connect ILO’s youth to each other, develop skills and competencies and make their voices heard at the top level of organization. This space is meant to give the organization's youngest staff the opportunity to share their ideas empowering their creativity and contributing to a forward-looking and sustained international action.


The birth of the Youth Hub  

The Youth Hub has been successfully initiated by the Social Protection Department of the International Labour Organization in August 2018 in the context of the campaign on “100 years of social protection at the ILO: the road to universal social protection” to support the ILO's Centenary celebrations. This initiative consisted in recruiting young volunteers from different units inside the office to develop a 100-Day Challenge campaign meant to mainstream the concept of Social Protection while rising awareness among the general public. 

The 100-Day Challenge was pioneered by the Rapid Results Institute (RRI). You can find out more about the RRI/100 days challenge work following the links to New York Times articles: Making Change Happen, on a Deadline and Quick Change That Lasts for the Long Term. The benefits of an 'out-of-the-box' group of thinkers were many. Mentored by selected senior members of the organization this first group of youngsters put together the guidelines of the ILOve Social Protection campaign.  

1st Youth Hub's campaign: ILOve Social Protection

The umbrella idea of the whole campaign was to compare Social Protection with Love. Humanizing UN terminology to reach a wider audience with real stories about love, because love is something everyone can relate to without distinction of culture, social status, or age. A series of videos were drafted illustrating confessions about love, revealing at the end that in fact the conversation topic was Social Protection. Because Social Protection can be your best partner in life – but a majority of people go without.

This campaign aimed to generate actions (clicks/shares/web visits) from at least 100.000 people and donations from at least 1% of the people taking action. The campaign was developed and is ready to kick-off through ILO friends and family networks and expand from there. The different products created were: 
  1. An online quiz around Social Protection in order to check knowledge on the topic and raise awareness.
  2. A steps challenge organized to take a "X number of steps for Social Protection", with links to Social Protection messages and the donate button.
  3. ​A round-up, with the possibility to fundraise money from UN canteens/cafeterias in Geneva starting by those in ILO premises.
  4. A series of communication products including hashtags, social media cards, and the video. 
  5. A dissemination strategy to reach the maximum amount of people, including possible partnerships or agreements with corporate and influencers. 
Patricia Arana Tagle, Executive Secretary, CABINET
Simeon Bond, Intern GBN, SOCPRO
Claudia Cruz Leo, SOCPRO
Juliane Drews, HR Specialist in CAPABILITY, HRD
Maria Giulia Gaede Senesi, SOCPRO
Aurélie Hauchère Vuong, Technical Officer, FUNDAMENTALS
Helen Kirsch, Technical Officer, SKILLS
Iskandar Kholov, JPO, SECTOR
Ursula Kulke, Special Workers´Activities, ACTRAV
Elyssa Majed, Intern SME Unit, ENTERPRISES
Kroum Markov, Social Protection Policy Specialist, SOCPRO
Lorenzo Martinez Vallejos, SOCPRO
Natalie Shay McCullough
Henrik Moller, Senior Advisor, ACT/EMP
Charleine Mbuyi-Lusamba, Technical Officer, SME, ENTERPRISES
Bobur Nazarmuhamedov, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, PARDEV
Michelle Rooney, Communication Intern, SOCPRO
Patricia Sala Pareja, Communication and Advocacy, DCOMM
Maria José Teles Da Silva Costa, HR Clerk, HR/TALENT
Joost Tijdink, Jr Knowledge Management Analyst, SFU, ENTERPRISES

2nd Youth Hub's campaign: What is Social Protection for you?

In the context of the Global Social Protection Week, held the week of 18th- 22nd November 2019, a second movement of the youngest staff was initiated. This time to create self-recorded amateur videos sharing experiences lived in their respective countries related to Social Protection or the lack of it, compiling a general view of what is broadly known or not known about the concept.

This activity was fruitful in terms of generating interest about what really means Social Protection among ILO's youngest staff and their friends, and it is expecting to reach a wider audience once the video is shared in social media. It is also a small view of how known is the concept, and how much work still to be done to really mainstream these important issues among the next generations to come, consolidating ILO's efforts to achieve Universal Social Protection. 

Pablo Lopez Andrade, ISSA (and friends)
Noluthando Mthimkulu, Green Jobs Programme
Patricia Sala Pareja, Green Jobs Programme (and friends)