Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development

Global action guide for WIND: Practical approaches for improving safety, health and working conditions in agriculture

The guide presents special features and methods of the WIND training programme, aiming at its effective application in various agricultural settings in different countries in the world. Practical step-wise guidance is provided on the development of a programme at national level as well as the organization of training workshops in a rural setting. Broad experiences gained in many countries are reflected in this guide.

Instructional material | 14 April 2014
The Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development (WIND) training programme has given farmers all over the world momentum in improving their safety and health. To further promote WIND, the ILO has developed a “Global Manual for WIND”.

This “Global Action Guide for WIND” supports the effective application of the Global Manual by presenting practical tips for the successful organization of training and implementation of good practices in different countries and regions. This guide, gathering almost two decades of world-wide WIND implementation experience, aims to benefit farmers, their families and communities and facilitate further spread and development of WIND through collaborative actions.

The action guide contains:
- Background, principles and strengths of the WIND approach;
- Achievements of the WIND approach: A global perspective;
- Overview of the WIND methodology;
- Planning and delivery of a WIND programme at national level;
- WIND as an element of the national strategy for safety and health at work; and
- Examples of delivery mechanisms for the WIND programme.