Health, safety and environment: A series of trade union education manuals for agricultural workers

This series of manuals has been developed to help union affiliates representing agricultural workers to tackle health, safety and environmental problems (HS&E), through their training programmes.

Instructional material | 01 January 2004
These manuals are designed to help union educators to:
• address the key HS&E concerns of workers and their representatives;
• provide essential information on HS&E to workers and their representatives;
• help workers and their representatives to tackle HS&E issues;
• plan and run educational activities with trade unions;
• help trade unions build their organisational capacity on HS&E;
• promote ratification of ILO Convention No. 184 on Safety and Health in Agriculture.

This series of manuals comprises:
• Manual 1: An educator’s guide;
• Manual 2: HS&E for “grassroots” members;
• Manual 3: HS&E for worker HS&E representatives;
• Manual 4: HS&E Fact Sheets;
• Manual 5: Pesticides and Health, Safety and the Environment (HS&E);
• Manual 6: ILO Convention No. 184 on Safety and Health in Agriculture 2001.

The manuals are primarily targeted at workers who are in some form of wage/employment relationship. Trade union educators can use these manuals for:
• study circles with “grassroots” groups of union members and workers;
• worker HS&E representatives;
• branch/regional/national union officials;
• full and part time union officials;
• trade union policy makers on HS&E issues;
• joint training with NGO’s and other bodies on issues of common interest.
Whilst primarily aimed at waged agricultural workers, these manuals will also be useful for:
• wage-dependent small farmers and other categories of the agricultural working population;
• public interest non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working on HS&E related issues in agriculture.