Preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency : Safety requirements

This Safety Requirements publication establishes the requirements for an adequate level of preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency in any State. Their implementation is intended to minimize the consequences for people, property and the environment of any nuclear or radiological emergency.

This Safety Requirements publication comprises four main sections. Section 2 provides the basic objectives of emergency preparedness and response for protection and safety, together with the principles for intervention that apply in taking actions to meet these objectives. Section 3 establishes the general requirements that must be met before effective preparations can be started and defines the categories of threat for which requirements are established. Section 4 establishes the requirements for performing the functions critical to effective emergency preparedness and response.

The requirements for emergency preparedness apply to preparations to be made in advance of any emergency in order to ensure that there is a capability to meet the response requirements. The requirements for emergency response apply to the performance of critical functions or tasks in an emergency. Section 5 establishes requirements for the infrastructure necessary to develop and maintain adequate arrangements for response. The internationally agreed criteria for intervention in an emergency and for the protection of workers undertaking such an intervention are reproduced in Annexes I, II and III.