CISDOC - archived bibliographic database

CISDOC contains more than 70,000 citations of documents that deal with occupational accidents and diseases as well as ways of preventing them. The types of referenced documents are: laws and regulations, chemical safety data sheets, training materials, articles from periodical publications, books and standards, etc. Currently, the CISDOC database contains references to documents dated between 1901 and 2012.

The archived database covers international occupational safety and health (OSH) literature. It includes many language materials from various countries. CISDOC constitutes an ideal tool for obtaining references to archived documents, most of which being accessible through library services around the world.


  • International database representing all aspects of safety and health at work;
  • Emphasis on training and policy documents from various countries;
  • Subject descriptors and annotations provided for all records.

The database features simple and advanced search tools and its content can be browsed by topics and industries.

Every record contains a detailed bibliographic description, a full abstract and indexing descriptors. In most cases PDF files can be downloaded or links to their original websites can be found.

Update and review

The latest entry to the database has been added in 2012. Since 1959 when it was established, CIS pioneered the collection and dissemination of OSH knowledge and information using various technological means such as microfiches and CD-ROMs. Nowadays, an impressive number of high quality documents are made available on the Internet directly from publishers and authors, or specialized services and knowledge sharing platforms. High performance search engines improved the possibility of locating relevant information on the Web. As a consequence of the rapidly changing environment, it was decided to open the CISDOC database for direct contributions from various agencies, institutes and organizations that make up the ILO-CIS network wishing to make the world know about their latest publications. This should ensure the database remains available to provide access to the wealth of OSH literature it contains.

Archived legislative texts and bibliographic information on past OSH laws, regulations and directives are also available in CISDOC via browsing by countries and subject categories. The collection presents various pieces of legislation, from the 1901 Mines Inspection Act of New South Wales in Australia to a 2010 Ministerial Regulation in Thailand, for example. These legal texts notably allow for observing how the regulatory framework shaped the world of OSH throughout the years. The new Global database on occupational safety and health legislation (LEGOSH) is now available as a fundamental pillar of the ILO knowledge base on OSH.

The indexing descriptors of the records in the CISDOC database are drawn from the Occupational Safety and Health Thesaurus, which is made available as a modern online tool.