Code of Practice


  1. Normative instrument

    Protection of workers’ personal data

    01 January 1997

    The purpose of this code of practice is to provide guidance on the protection of workers’ personal data. As an ILO code of practice, it has no binding force, but rather makes recommendations. The code does not replace national laws, regulations, international labour standards or other accepted standards. It can be used in the development of legislation, regulations, collective agreements, work rules, policies and practical measures at enterprise level.


  1. Normative instrument

    Recording and notification of occupational accidents and diseases

    01 January 1996

    The code has been drawn up with the object of providing guidance to those who may be engaged in the framing of provisions and the setting up of systems, procedures and arrangements for the recording and notification of occupational accidents and diseases, commuting accidents, dangerous occurrences and incidents, and their investigation and prevention. It is of particular relevance to competent authorities, other governmental or public authorities such as social security institutions, management, employers and workers, and their organizations.

  2. Normative instrument

    Management of alcohol- and drug-related issues in the workplace

    01 January 1996

    Abuse of drugs and alcohol may cause serious difficulties at work including deterioration in job performance. Abuse is caused by a diverse range of personal, family, social or work situations or a combination of such factors. Consequently this ILO code of practice presents a variety of multidisciplinary approaches to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of alcohol- and drug-related problems in the workplace. Although experience has shown the difficulty of eliminating substance abuse, the workplace policies presented in this book to assist individual abusers are likely to yield constructive results for workers and employers alike.

  3. Normative instrument

    Accident prevention on board ship at sea and in port

    01 January 1996


  1. Normative instrument

    Safety in the use of chemicals at work

    01 January 1993


  1. Normative instrument

    Safety and health in construction

    01 January 1992

    The objective of this code is to provide practical guidance on a legal, administrative, technical and educational framework for safety and health in the construction sector.

  2. Normative instrument

    Safety and Health in Construction

    01 January 1992


  1. Normative instrument

    Prevention of major industrial accidents

    01 January 1991

    The objective of this code of practice is to provide guidance in the setting up of an administrative, legal and technical system for the control of major hazard installations. It seeks to protect workers, the public and the environment by: preventing major accidents from occurring at these installations; minimising the consequences of a major accident on site and off site, for example by: arranging appropriate separation between major hazard installations and housing and other centres of population nearby such as hospitals, schools and shops; and appropriate emergency planning.

  2. Normative instrument

    Safety and health in opencast mines

    01 January 1991

    This code applies to any situation or operation involving occupational safety and health aspects in opencast mines, and calls for attention to be paid to them by the competent authorities with responsibility for safety and health and working conditions with regard to opencast mining.


  1. Normative instrument

    Safety, health and working conditions in the transfer of technology to developing countries

    01 January 1988


  1. Normative instrument

    Radiation protection of workers (ionising radiations)

    01 January 1987


  1. Normative instrument

    Safety and health in coal mines

    01 January 1986

    Code of practice for occupational safety and occupational health in coal mining - prescribes responsibilitys of the state, coal miners, employers, managers, supervisors and surveyors; covers notification and reporting system for occupational accidents and occupational diseases, protective equipment, ventilation, precautions to take against explosions, fires and dust, use of explosives, electricity, equipment and machinery, first aid, rescue, training needs, etc.


  1. Normative instrument

    Safety in the use of asbestos

    01 January 1984


  1. Normative instrument

    Safety and health in the construction of fixed offshore installations in the petroleum industry

    01 January 1981


  1. Normative instrument

    Occupational exposure to airborne substances harmful to health

    01 January 1980

    Enumerates roles of concerned bodies and persons, principles of the prevention of harmful toxic substances, exposure limits, medical examinations and biological monitoring, gives a glossary of relevant terms, and includes a list of participants present at the code approval.


  1. Normative instrument

    Guide to health and hygiene in agricultural work

    01 January 1979

    Provides information on occupational accidents, occupational safety, living conditions, environmental hygiene, pesticide poisoning, occupational diseases, ergonomics problems, organization of occupational health services and medical inspection for agricultural workers.


  1. Normative instrument

    Safe design and use of chain saws

    01 January 1978

    This code describes safety requirements for the design of chain saws (forestry equipment) and includes recommendations pertaining to their safe and easy operation.


  1. Normative instrument

    Protection of workers against noise and vibration in the working environment

    01 April 1977

    Code of practice on occupational safety and occupational health protection against noise and vibration in the work environment - covers responsibility of government, employers and workers, measurement, exposure limits, identification and control of hazards, protective equipment, medical examination of employees, and monitoring. Illustrations and tables.

  2. Normative instrument

    Safety and health in dock work

    01 January 1977

    Second edition. Revised code of practice relating to occupational safety at ports and occupational health of dockers, with particular reference to cargo handling - covers general provisions for safe means of access to ships, freight containers, technical aspect of lifting equipment, warehouses, handling of toxic substances, safety training, medical examinations, reporting system for occupational accidents, etc. Illustrations and references.


  1. Normative instrument

    Safe construction and installation of escalators

    06 June 1976

    Recommendations adopted by the International Committee for Lift Regulations (CIRA) on 6 June 1972. Safety standards and occupational safety in the construction and installation of escalators.