Protection of workers’ personal data

The purpose of this code of practice is to provide guidance on the protection of workers’ personal data. As an ILO code of practice, it has no binding force, but rather makes recommendations. The code does not replace national laws, regulations, international labour standards or other accepted standards. It can be used in the development of legislation, regulations, collective agreements, work rules, policies and practical measures at enterprise level.

Repertorio de recomendaciones prácticas | 1 de enero de 1997
Employers collect personal data on job applicants and workers for a number of purposes: to comply with law; to assist in selection for employment, training and promotion; to ensure personal safety, personal security, quality control, customer service and the protection of property. New ways of collecting and processing data entail some new risks for workers. While various national laws and international standards have established binding procedures for the processing of personal data, there is a need to develop data protection provisions which specifically address the use of workers’ personal data.