Guidelines for labour inspection in forestry

The guidelines address some of the main issues and general principles of labour standards and their inspection in the forestry sector (from planting to logging). The guidelines are aimed at three main users: labour inspectors/certifiers, forest managers, and training and educational organizations.

Directrices | 28 de enero de 2006
The guidelines are set out in five main sections. Chapter 1 provides a background to the forestry sector and the labour issues encountered in forestry work. Chapter 2 is a general introduction to managing labour standards in forestry. Chapter 3 presents guidelines in a modular format that enables forest managers to implement them and inspectors to evaluate that implementation. Chapter 4 contains general guidelines for organizing labour inspections and assessing compliance. The annexes comprise sample checklists and aides-mémoires for forest management and labour inspectors on the issues to cover when implementing and evaluating labour standards, bringing together the guidelines in Chapter 3.