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December 2009

  1. News

    National Symposium on labour inspection

    14 December 2009

    The National Symposium was held at the request of the Chinese labour inspection authorities to discuss the main action to be undertaken by Chinese inspectorates to strengthen their labour inspection institutions. It was also an opportunity to discuss further collaboration with the ILO. The meeting was organized by ILO Beijing with LAB/ADMIN collaboration.

November 2009

  1. News

    Labour Administration and Labour Inspection: future challenges and trends.

    30 November 2009

    Labour Administration/Inspection meeting 30 Nov. - 4 Dec. with the aim of discussing and launching LAB/ADMIN Global Products and activities for the next biennium. The LAB/ADMIN team and different specialists on labour administration and inspection around the world are holding in Madrid (Spain) a high level meeting. As main product, the new ILO Labour Inspection Program elaborated with the ILO/ITC a new training product that will be discussed and validated.

  2. News

    Second conference of regional Alliance of labour inspection of South East Europe, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

    09 November 2009

    Following it's activities to strengthen networking and alliances among labour inspection and labour administration systems, LAB/ADMIN jointly with SRO Budapest office has participated in the above mentioned event. Subjects such as Undeclared work, coordinated labour inspection, risk assessment and occupational accident prevention were discussed and some majors follow up points were concluded. For more information please contact Maria Luz Vega,

  3. Safe Work

    Occupational safety and health in times of crisis: “We have to invest in a healthy workforce now”

    05 November 2009

    More than 300 participants from some 60 countries discussed this week the potential impact of the global economic crisis on occupational safety and health (OSH) at an international conference hosted by the ILO in Düsseldorf on “Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards Globally”. ILO Online asked Dr. Sameera Al-Tuwaijri, Director of the ILO’s Safe Work Programme, to draw some conclusions from the meeting.

  4. ILO conference

    Fighting a leading killer: how the German TÜV promotes health at the workplace and beyond

    04 November 2009

    It is estimated that one million people worldwide develop colorectal cancer every year. In 2008, the German TÜV, a private-sector regulatory and safety inspection body, launched a colorectal cancer screening campaign reaching tens of thousands of employees. This week, the initiative was presented at an international ILO occupational safety and health conference in Düsseldorf.

  5. News

    Conference “Implementing occupational safety and health standards globally” and IALI – ILO workshop, Dusseldorf

    03 November 2009

    LAB/ADMIN participates in conference –“implementing occupational safety and health standards globally” and IALI – ILO workshop on IALIs role in supporting the Decent Work Agenda with a focus on labour inspection, 3-6 Nov. 2009, Dusseldorf.

October 2009

  1. Occupational safety and health

    ILO meeting adopts revised list of occupational diseases

    30 October 2009

    A tripartite meeting of experts on occupational diseases held at the International Labour Office has adopted a new list of occupational diseases designed to assist countries in the prevention, recording, notification and, if applicable, compensation of illnesses caused by work. The panel of experts examined a proposed list of occupational diseases developed through tripartite consultations, on the basis of increased recognition of occupational diseases at the national and international levels, new and emerging risk factors and the improvement of diagnostic techniques.

  2. Media Advisory

    ILO Conference in Düsseldorf to discuss crisis impact on occupational safety and health

    29 October 2009

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) will host an international conference “Implementing Occupational Safety and Health Standards Globally” in Düsseldorf from 3-6 November 2009 to consider the potential impact of the global economic crisis on safety and health at the workplace.

  3. Influenza A pandemic

    Business continuity planning: how the ILO prepares enterprises for a major Influenza A pandemic

    29 October 2009

    The ILO held a workshop on “Business continuity planning for Pandemics” with the participation of workers’ and employers’ representatives from key sectors, as well as representatives from related UN agencies. The meeting aimed to promote preparedness among diverse economic sectors for the spread of Influenza A (H1N1) and its potential impact on businesses worldwide. ILO Online spoke with Alfredo Lazarte-Hoyle, director of the ILO Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction.

August 2009

  1. News

    Technical workshop on labour inspection and undeclared work

    04 August 2009

    The Labour Administration and Inspection Programme (LAB/ADMIN) in collaboration with other Technical Units such as MIGRANT, DECLARATION and the ILO Sub Regional office in Budapest is organising a national technical meeting on labour inspection and undeclared work. This is going to be held in Budapest from the 29 to 30 of October 2009. We would like to invite you to take part in this meeting and to share with your views and your experiences.

May 2009

  1. Influenza A

    ILO signals potential social and economic consequences for workers and their families from actions taken to address the influenza A(H1N1) virus

    29 May 2009

    Since the influenza A(H1N1) outbreak has been announced 53 countries have officially reported 1reported 15,510 cases of human infection including 99 deaths (as of 06:00 GMT, 29 May 2009). The speed with which the outbreak has spread and the risk of a pandemic certainly merit the implementation of all measures necessary to protect the health of the world’s population.

April 2009

  1. Statement

    Message by Mr. Juan Somavia, on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April 2009)

    28 April 2009

  2. Statement

    Message by the Director-General of the ILO on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    28 April 2009

    This year we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the International Labour Organization. It is fitting to recall our founding mission as we observe this World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

  3. World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    World Day for Safety and Health at Work to be commemorated amid concerns over impact of global economic crisis

    27 April 2009

    World Day for Safety and Health at Work is to be marked in scores of countries and hundreds of localities on all continents this year with a host of events aimed at raising awareness about what ILO Director-General Juan Somavia called the “human tragedy” of unsafe work.

  4. Safety and health at work

    Questions and answers on Occupational Safety and Health in times of economic crisis

    27 April 2009

    With credit barely flowing and global demand on a downward slide, enterprises around the world are struggling to cope with the global economic crisis. Meanwhile, the numbers of unemployed and working poor are rising. How is the crisis affecting working conditions? For this year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April), ILO Online asks Dr. Sameera Al-Tuwaijiri, Director of the ILO’s Safe Work Programme, how the crisis may impact on the health and safety of workers.

November 2008

  1. Maritime sector

    Proper ship breaking: a test for globalization and decent work

    03 November 2008

    The last voyage of the ship "Otapan" to a Turkish ship breaking yard last July was a victory for "pre-cleaning" advocates of reducing the human and environmental dangers inherent in ship dismantling and recycling. But does it also lead to decent working practices? Last week, experts from the ILO, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and the Basel Convention met to discuss measures to promote guidelines that would make ship breaking not only clean but "green". Questions and answers with a ship breaking expert from the ILO Sectoral Activities Branch.

July 2008

  1. News

    World Congress calls for new global partnership to improve work safety

    02 July 2008

    The XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work concluded with calls for a new global partnership to strengthen safety and health in the workplace, and to reinforce efforts to reduce fatalities and illness.

  2. Article

    Microinsurance and OSH: helping to cope with workplace risks

    02 July 2008

    Work-related accidents and diseases take a grim toll every year. Although prevention can help improve occupational safety and health (OSH), microinsurance can also play a complementary role in coping with workplace risks and provide direct benefits to employers and workers. ILO Online reports.

June 2008

  1. Statement

    Seoul Declaration on Safety and Health at Work

    29 June 2008

    The Declaration on Safety and Health at Work, adopted by the World Summit on Safety and Health in Seoul on June 29, provides a new global reference point for addressing occupational safety and health issues around the world. Download it here.

  2. News

    XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work opens in Seoul: ILO report highlights need for safer workplaces

    29 June 2008

    The International Labour Office has released a new report “Beyond deaths and injuries: The ILO’s role in promoting safe and healthy jobs”, at the XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. The Congress, which takes place through 2 July, is the largest global event on occupational safety and health, gathering some 4,000 representatives from more than 100 countries.