COVID-19 and OSH

XXII World Congress Digital Meeting: ILO sessions

Join us in October for this important event focusing on COVID‐19 and occupational safety and health (OSH), where international expert leaders from governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations and research institutions will examin the role prevention is playing in shaping the future world of work in light of the pandemic.

Resilient and sustainable workplaces in light of the COVID-19 pandemic through good governance and social dialogue

05 October 2020 17:00-17:50 (Geneva)

The session will address the impacts of COVID-19 on workers and businesses. It will ask participants to express their knowledge and views of what has worked well and what needs to be improved for a better governance of the crisis and to better prepare for other potential threats to health and economic growth.


Mr. Roberto Suárez Santos, Secretary-General, International Organization of Employers
Mr. Owen Tudor, Deputy General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
Mr. Andrew Gavrielatos, SafeWork New South Wales, Australia

Panel discussion: From policy to action: addressing the pandemic and recovery through strong social dialogue and good governance

Ms. Salima Admi, Director of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Professional Insertion, Morocco
Mr. Derrick Hynes, Canadian Employers' Council
Ms. Tara Peels, Canadian Labour Congress, National Coordinator Health, Safety and Environment
Ms. Elke Schneider, Senior Project Manager, Prevention and Research Unit, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Mr. Youcef Ghellab, Head, Social Dialogue Unit, ILO

Mr. Joaquim Pintado Nunes, Chief, Labour Administration, Labour Inspection Branch, ILO

Preparing for decent work through safety and health in the new normal

06 October 2020 15:00-17:00 (Geneva)

The session will explore the intersected relationships between OSH, business continuity and resilience, employment and labour rights in a context of COVID-19. It will debate the short and medium-term role of safety and health at work in the definition of economic and social policy responses to build back better.

Ms. Martha Newton, Deputy Director-General for Policy, ILO

Round table dialogue I: Integrated policy approach for safe work in a COVID-19 and recovery period: the ILO experience

Mr. Vic Van Vuuren, Director, Enterprises Department, ILO
Mr. Sangheon Lee, Director, Employment Department, ILO
Ms. Manuela Tomei, Director, WorkQuality Department, ILO
Ms. Vera Paquete-Perdigão, Governance and Tripartism Department, ILO
Mr. Vinicius Pinheiro, Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, ILO

Round table dialogue II: Multidisciplinary and multilateral action for common problems: the case of the Global Coalition for Safety and Health at Work

Mr. William Cockburn, head of Prevention and Research Unit, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (Global Coalition task group on OSH in the Future)
Mr. Johannes Siegrist, Senior professor, Centre for Health and Society, Heinrich-Heine University, Germany (Global Coalition task group on SDG 8- Promoting decent work and productive employment through higher education)
Mr. Tommi Alanko, Director, Institute of Occupational Health, Finland (Global Coalition task group on Introduction to Vision Zero at enterprises)
Mr. Antonio Cammarota, Principal Administrator, DG EMPL/B3, European Commission (Global Coalition task group on multiregional OSH data systems)
Mr. Jukka Takala,President, International Commission of Occupational Health

Views of social partners

Mr. Kris de Maester, International Organization of Employers (Global Coalition Steering Committee Member)
Mr. Owen Tudor, Deputy General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation Brussels

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