ILO/ISSA International Conference, Session 2 – Promotion of Health and Wellbeing at Work

Healthy Work, Healthy People, Healthy Organizations

Presentation by Marc De Greef, Executive Director Prevent Group, European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, Belgium

Presentation | 05 November 2015
1) Work Health Promotion: A comprehensive appraoch
- The effects of unhealthy workplaces
- The health challenge
- The features of Work Health Promotion
- Work Health Promotion: Two strains
- A comprehensive approach
- Work Health Promotion in support of company performance
- Benefits of Work Health Promotion
- Work Health Promotion in support of a healthy society

2) European Network for Work Health Promotion: Structure and organisation

3) Nine EU-wide campaigns to promote healthy people, healthy work and healthy organisations
- Objectives
- Quality criteria – success factors
- Work Health Promotion in Small and Medium Enterprises
- The public administration sector
- Infrastructures for Work Health Promotion
- Healthy Ageing
- Work Health Promotion in an enlarging Europe
- Move Europe - Healthy lifestyles
- Work. In tune with life. Move Europe
- Work. Adapted for all. Move Europe

Arguments for Work Health Promotion