Occupational safety and health country profile: the United Republic of Tanzania

International labour standards


    Ratification of ILO conventions

    Database on international labour standards

    Provides access to the latest information on ILO international labour standards on OSH (such as ratification information, reporting requirements, comments of the ILO's supervisory bodies, etc.).

Policies and programmes

  1. 2009

    National policy

  2. 2013

    Profile for Zanzibar

  3. 2004

    National profile

Laws and regulations


    National regulatory framework

    Global database on OSH legislation

    Provides a picture of the regulatory framework of the main elements of OSH legislation. Contains comprehensive legal information and analysis.


    National legislation

    National labour legislation database

    Includes abstracts of OSH legislation and citation information. Full text of laws or a relevant source is linked to the records, when available.

Authorities and bodies

  1. Ministry of Labour and Employment

    The primary objective of the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) is to ensure creation and maintenance of ideal work environments which are free from occupational hazards that may cause injuries or illness to all employees in work environment. This will be achieved by promoting occupational health and safety practices in order to reduce accidents and occupational diseases, and ultimately achieve better productivity. OSHA was established under Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997 and is the custodian of Occupational Health and Safety Act No.5 of 2003.