Publications on Least developed countries

  1. Poverty,Development and the Elimination of Slavery, Anti Slavery International

    01 October 2007

    This paper highlights the existing links between poverty, social exclusion and the different contemporary forms of slavery and the potential for development projects to reduce both slavery and poverty internationally. We argue that development assistance which is targeted at those in slavery or at risk of becoming slaves may be particularly effective in helping to achieve the millennium development goals as well contributing towards the reduction of slavery from the world.

  2. Economic security for a better world

    26 February 2007

    In all regions of the world, the seven forms of labour-related security (defined in the book) have been affected by globalisation and the policies steering it.

  3. Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning: Application in Rajasthan (India)

    01 January 2005

    Rural Access Technical Papers (RATP) No. 12

  4. Perspectives on Rural Infrastructure Development: Workshop findings, Identifying the Needs and Priorities of Local Governments

    01 January 2002

  5. Role of the Central Government in the decentralization process of rural infrastructure development

    14 November 2001

    “Using Infrastructure Development as a Strategy for Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation” Workshop report