Communications and Resources page

Communication for informing safe migration

 The GMS TRIANGLE project works towards informing migrant workers of their rights and has created a number of communications materials to this end. Easily understandable booklets on migrant workers rights in Thailand and Malaysia have been created in migrant languages, and basic tips for safe migration have been widely disseminated across the region. These materials are available for other organisations to use. Local service providers are also encouraged to create communications materials, using the Regional Communications Plan.

Communicating with the media

The GMS TRIANGLE is proactive in sharing results and promoting a positive image of migrant workers through the media. For more on promotion of a positive image activities, see here.

GMS TRIANGLE also actively courts national and international media to share developments in labour migration governance systems in project countries. A sample of reports and press releases are included here.

As part of GMS TRIANGLE advocacy activities, the project actively engages with the media. In June 2014 for Domestic Workers Day, an opinion piece by Yoshiteru Uramoto, Regional Director of the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, was published regionally. In December 2014 for International Migrants Day, another opinion piece that focused on making migrant fairer was also widely published and shared.