Effective action for labour migration policy and practices funded by DFID

The project, "Effective Action for Labour Migration Policies and Practice" has three immediate objectives: increasing the capacity of constituents for effective governance and regulation of labour migration as an instrument of development, promotion of the ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration, and promoting ILO's role as a knowledge base on international labour migration through expanding databases on migration statistics and good practice profiles.

The project will strengthen core staff capacity of the International Migration programme, and ILO advisory services, advocacy and research activities on labour migration in line with above objectives. The emphasis of the project is on the promotion of rights-based approaches to labour migration, with standards, gender and tripartism as cross cutting themes.

Additional information can be obtained from M. Piyasiri Wickramasekara, Senior Migration Specialist, ILO MIGRANT, Tel: +41.22.799.64.97, E-mail: wickramasekara@ilo.org and Ms. Céline Peyron Bista, Migration Specialist, ILO MIGRANT, Tel: +41.22.799.69.67, E-mail: peyron@ilo.org.