Technical assistance to better regulate migratory flows from Senegal, Mauritania and Mali to Spain

The ILO has recently started the implementation of a project covering Senegal, Mauritania and Mali also designed to support efforts to maximise social and economic benefits of migration for the region of the Sahel, for Spain, and for migrant workers, in line with the principles of equality and non discrimination.

This project is kindly supported by the Government of Spain and will be carried out in close cooperation with vocational training and labour administration institutions in the countries of origin and with Spanish authorities, with a view to support orderly migration toward Spain and maximise the development benefits of migration for both countries of origin and destination.
The Rabat Plan of action suggest that measures are put in place to "guarantee that sufficient skills are available for the development of African countries" and to strengthen the cooperation in terms of professional training. In line with this suggestion, this project focus on facilitating matching of labour market supply and demand for migrant workers and on enhancing the employability of selected migrant workers through support to vocational training institutions and improvement of training and employment services in countries of origin. This project will therefore contribute to match the Spanish enterprises demand for migrant workers through temporary migration schemes in full respect with migrant workers rights and at the same time promote means to effectively reintegrate migrant into the national labour market upon return.

Additional information can be obtained from Ms. Gloria Moreno Fontes, Migration Specialist, ILO MIGRANT, Tel: +41.22.799.78.54, E-mail: or M. Federico Barroeta, Project Coordinator, ILO Sub-Regional Office for the Sahel, Dakar, Tel: +221.338.24.98.11, E-mail: