Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Labor and Transport Management, Government of Nepal and the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Korea on the sending of workers to the Republic of Korea under the Employment permit system

Agreement | 23 July 2007
Date Signed: 23-07-2007

(1) To respect the principle of equality and mutual benefits
(2) To enhance existing friendly relations between the countries
(3) Extending cooperation in the field of labor affairs and human capacity building
(4) To recognize the benefits to be derived from such cooperation by both countries
(5) To establish a concrete framework for cooperation between the parties and to increase transparency and efficiency in the process of sending Nepal workers to the Republic of Korea under the Employment Permit System of foreign workers

Renewal History:
Renewals taken place as scheduled in the provisions

Follow up mechanism:
Resident officer of Korea in Nepal to supervise and follow up

Coverage of migration cycle:
(1) Pre-Departure
(2) In Service